Modes of transportation to/from Austria and within it.

Here is the link to the online shop (link), where a ticket can be purchased for the Vienna city transport system.
SMS-based payments are getting very popular in Europe. Paybox is a service that offers paying for city transport tickets via SMS (link) in Vienna.
  • Airport to City Center, Wien Info (link)


  • Wizz Air (link)
  • Vienna Airport (link)
  • Croatian Airlines (link)
  • Austrian (link)
  • German Wings (link) flies to/from Vienna
  • Jat Airways


The use of  winter tires is mandatory when driving in Austria (1 November - 15 April in snowy or icy road conditions).

To drive in Austria as a foreigner, see this post. List of authorized doctors (link).

Driving schools:


  • Flix (link), to Bratislava
  • Bus Lines, Wiener Linie (link)
  • Blaguss (link)


  • Vienna, European Rail Guide (link)
  • OEBB (link)


  • Wiener Linien (link)


  • Vienna Metro, unofficial pages (link) - great info in English
  • Vienna Underground, (link) - map overlay on Google Maps
  • U-bahn, Wikipedia (link) - Wikipedia article
  • Wiener Untergrund (link) - official site
  • VOR (link) - tickets
  • From Airport to City Centre by Train (link)
  • Tickets, Wiener Lokalbahnen (link)