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  • EasyBank (link), e-banking (link)
  • Hello Bank (link)
  • Direkt Anlage (link)
  • Bawag PSK (link): eBanking (link), also available as a mobile app (link)
  • Bank Austria, UniCredit group (link), online banking (link). Online banking available as a mobile app. For Android, search for package.
  • Erste Bank (link)
  • Generali Bank (link)
  • Santander Consumer Bank (link
  • Volksbank
  • Raiffeisenbank 
  • Oberbank 
  • Denizbank 

Bank Accounts

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Credit Cards

Wikitravel page about Austria states that "paying by credit card is not as common as in the rest of Europe or as in the United States but all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club) are accepted at almost every gas station and at bigger shops, especially in shopping malls." (link)
Similar conclusion comes from Visit Vienna site (link).
CC providers:
Some CC providers for pre-paid cards:


Money Transfer

  • How to transfer money within Austria or abroad, JustLanded (link)


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