Some relevant information if looking for a place to rent:
  • answer from Yahoo answers (link)
  • answer about the rental market (link)
It is recommended to consider the district of the city as the prices vary a lot.
Some useful links when looking for short-term accommodation are below.
  • Immobilien (link)
  • Willhaben - apartments in Donaustadt (link)
  • WohnNet (link)
  • Immodirekt (link)
  • FindMyHome (link)
  • Immoads (link)
  • Craig's List (link)
  • Der Standard, newspaper (link)
  • Apartment & Vacation Rental Owner Association of Vienna (link)
  • Wiener Zeitung, newspaper (link)
  • Gabino home (link)
  • Apartment service Vienna (link)
  • AirBnb

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